Branded Content

From digital shorts to feature documentaries, hard-hitting journalism and premium branded content,
Starfish uses emerging technologies and town halls to engage public conversations.

SMG collaborates with our branded partners to articulate their interests and define what impact they’d like to have with their storytelling. We work together to develop a creative plan that marries our mutual vision. Starfish’s projects are always socially responsible, diverse and thought-provoking while remaining entertaining and client-driven.

Recent Partners

#GirlsCan | CoverGirl

COVERGIRL partnered with SMG to produce a series of documentaries profiling diverse, young women like supermodel and advocate Geena Rocero, U.S. Army veteran Tina Garnenez, chess player Rochelle Ballantyne and singer Becky G who are overcoming challenges to realize their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Dear Black Man | My Black Is Beautiful

My Black Is Beautiful puts the beauty and diversity of the African diaspora on display, redefining what it means to be Black in America. SMG went back to the community to create a cinematic, character-driven montage, which debuted in New Orleans, LA at Essence Festival, one of the nation’s largest festivals.

Revisiting Haiti | AARP

Soledad O’Brien traveled to Haiti with AARP to document the relief efforts following the devastating earthquake that leveled the country in 2010. The number of dead approached 300,000, with another 1 million displaced. An estimated 200,000 older Haitians were living on the street. We documented AARP’s partnership with HelpAge International to put people on the ground, provide doctors with critical medical supplies, and recruit volunteers who helped coordinate feeding, provide care, and establish shelters.

Dreams Matter: Russell Wilson | American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance partnered with SMG to produce a digitally-distributed documentary series with Russell Wilson, Kathy Ireland, Eunique Jones, and Phillip Phillips along with their friends, family, and inner circles to get to the heart of why they believe #DreamsMatter. The series provides an inside look into the lives of these inspirational achievers as they continue to live and expand their dreams.

Crisis Help: Just a Text Away | WebMD

As the #1 provider of health information, Web MD has a daily impact on users from all walks of life. Starfish conducted in-depth reporting on health issues that affect high school students in the United States and crafted visual stories around the experiences of real people.

The Cost of Care | Genworth

For more than 145 years, Genworth has helped people prepare for the costs of long-term care and aging. SMG found real people facing caregiving obstacles and shared their heart-wrenching stories.

Somos Una Voz | Entertainment Industries Foundation

Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Soledad O’Brien explored the rehabilitative work on the ground by grants like Somos Una Voz. SMG’s lens was focused on the stories of longtime residents and volunteers, as well as the lush lands still standing.

Black Economic Alliance Presidential Forum | BET TV

BET TV wanted to give their unique audience an opportunity to ask presidential candidates about issues that were relevant to their community. Soledad O'Brien engaged top candidates - Beto O'Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Cory Booker - in a hard-hitting forum and created a bridge between them and the viewers.

Rethinking High School with Soledad O'Brien | XQ America

XQ America, in partnership with WETA and WHUT, hosted a town hall event to discuss the state of high school education in the United States. Soledad O’Brien moderated a panel discussion with education leaders, students, parents and community members at Howard University in DC. The streamed segment included character-driven stories captured in America’s schools by SMG.